BREAKING NEWS: The last strapless bra you will ever own!

SuzyBra does what it was designed to do… provides support, stays put and looks great!

Picture this, you’re dancing with your friends on ladies night and plop! goes one of your girls. This embarrassing wardrobe malfunction has almost ruined your entire night. Since you’re used to pulling up that uncomfortable strapless bra all night, this comes to no surprise.

A night out meant constantly pulling up your uncomfortable strapless bra because it would never stay in place.

How many times has this happened to you?

Not all bras are created equal. Some offer comfort but lack sexiness, others offer support but feel bulky and constricting.

Is it too much to ask for a bra that offers comfort, support but will also stay on under my backless dress?

Maybe the reason we have such poorly designed bras is because most are actually designed by men, who lack a greater understanding of what women need.

It's true! The original bra was invented by a woman, Caresse Crosby. But over time, the design of these female products has fallen into the hands of all male designers who have then dominated this market for many decades.

SuzyBra heard our cries and has created the last strapless bra you will ever own.

Every detail of SuzyBra has been methodically thought out. From the comfortable shape of the contoured cups, to the patent pending bra lining that miraculously holds everything in place- all of our womanly needs were considered. SuzyBra has been designed to surpass those needs and provide amazing functionality with a hint of sexiness.

It's breathable, comfortable and super supportive.

Finally, a bra designed for women that was actually designed by a woman!

It doesn't matter if you're an A cup or a DD, SuzyBra offers the same comfort and support for all body types.

You get comfort - No pressure or straps.

You get support - This patent pending design supports your chest while also lifting and creating tighter cleavage.

You get strapless - Dance the night away in that dress you've been saving in the back of your closet with no fear of any slips!

Check out what real Suzy Bra customers are saying:

Style, comfort and amazing support! We're not mad at the bonus lift and sexy cleavage.

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