About Us

Alas! You’ll never have to search for another strapless, backless, or stick on bra ever again! Here at Suzy Bra, we are fully dedicated to giving women something to be excited about, a reason to feel sexy, confident and daring. With the help of our adhesive push-up bra, you’ll achieve the lift, shape, and cleavage you have been wanting without sacrificing style and sophistication. We believe that confidence never goes out of style. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with our products and are sure that our customers will achieve the desired look with confidence and class.

In 2017, our team set out to create something that we saw missing from the marketplace. We wanted to build a brand that gives women what they really want. We wanted to change the way women shop for lingerie, and make them feel good about themselves. We wanted to change the industry as a whole. We wanted to create a bra that is as comfortable as it is beautiful. Our team began innovating and The SuzyBra was created.

Who is Suzy?

Suzy is a confident and bold women. She is smart, driven, and ready to take on anything that comes her way.

Suzy has a presence about her that everyone wants to be around. She is confident in her own skin and that transcends each room she enters.

She represents all women of all shapes and sizes and colors.

She is the vixen in YOU.