How does it work?

Specially designed Drawstring 4 clasp provides a charming deep v-shape breast and helps achieve maximum cleavage without binding shoulder straps.

When will my SuzyBra ship?

Within 24-48 hours. Delivery times usually take 2-4 business days.

What can I wear the Suzy Bra with?

The SuzyBra is perfect for halter, backless/strapless tops, evening gowns, low-cut outfits and party dresses - Making you to be the absolute focus.

How many times can I wear my Suzy Bra?

The average amount of wears is 30+ . This number may vary depending on care, weather, perspiration and other factors. NOTE: Too much sweat will affect stickiness, so the Suzy Bra is not suitable for using in high temperature outdoors or while doing exercise. 

How do I take proper care of my Suzy Bra?

It is recommended to keep the original box and plastic the SuzyBra is shipped in. After each wear:

  • 1. Rinse with warm soapy water
  • 2. Let air dry (Do not towel dry as the Suzy Bra may lose stickiness)
  • 3. Stick plastic back onto cups
  • 4. Repeat


The INNER sticky part is made of 100% Medical Grade Sticky Hypoallergenic Gel - SAFE for skin and with the HIGH QUALITY STICKINESS, it will stick your skin, push your breasts up, hold them close together, and be STABLE. The OUTER part is made of Cotton and Polyester to give you the comfort you deserve.

I entered the wrong shipping address, now what?

Contact customer support at support@suzybra.com immediately so we can make the adjustment to your order.

I want a different color, what do I do?

Contact customer support at support@suzybra.com immediately so we can make the adjustment to your order.

Can I return my Suzy Bra?

No problem. Just contact customer support at support@suzybra.com notifying us of your return. You can only return unopened and unused items. Usually this would be the case if you ordered by mistake, or in the case of credit card fraud which we take very seriously. Either way, please contact us as soon as possible to let us know that you are returning your order.

What's the difference between a Suzy Bra and a regular bra?

Regular bras have stubborn straps that are visible under certain, tops and dresses. You’ll never have to go braless with Suzy Bra because it provides you with cleavage and support.

I have a large bust. Will your bra support me?

Suzy Bra provides support for women with A-D cup sizes.